Super Bowl 50 Commercial Break

Super Bowl 2016: It’s Not About The Game

Every year on the first Sunday of February America stays home for the biggest event in sports: the Super Bowl. It’s almost like a National Holiday. This year was no difference. And whether you were rooting for the Denver Broncos or the Carolina Panthers, most people watch the Super Bowl for on thing only: the commercials. Most people expect them to be funny and this year we’ve seen some pretty funny ones. But there is one other thing that we at Southern Wild noticed about the ads. A lot of them are focussed on celebrities. Here are a few good examples:





What do you think? Could they go without the celebrities in them?  We are not blown away by the stories most of the ads tell or the concepts the are driven by. They’re simply too focused on the power of celebrity endorsement.

But there is one ad that comes close to what we at Southern Wild believe to be great and honest storytelling. Jeep does a pretty good job at touching your heart with their story of the one thing that truly makes America great: YOU. Yes, it does have a few celebrities, but used in a subtle way and they at least shared a real moment with Jeep. Watch the ad below and see for yourself:



So what do you think? Are you okay with celebrities driving a commercial, or do you care more about a great story and concept? We’d love to hear your thoughts!



P.S.- Watch them all here. Or just the best ones that made it to Ad Meter’s Top 5.


Brad Jakeman, President of PepsiCo's Global Beverages Group

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Is the news PepsiCo executive Brad Jakeman told the world at the most recent Association of National Advertiser’s conference Masters of Marketing. The advertising industry lacks diversity. Pre-rolls are useless. Measurement models are outdated. He also suggests to stop using the word “advertising”, which, in his words, stands for “polluting content”. What Mr. Jakeman says, sounds like music to our ears here at Southern Wild!

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