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Honesty Is the Future of Advertising

Advertisers have reached a tipping point with the sheer amount of products they shove into the faces of consumers on a daily basis. The advertising landscape is more like a landfill, each new offering toppling over the last on a heap of noise engineered to sell stuff. Indeed, advertisers around the globe are expected to spend $606.90 billion in […]

5 Hot Visual Storytelling Trends (Part 1)

In the era of the internet and mobile devices we finally have a chance of using visual storytelling to it’s full potential. People are visually oriented creatures that want to communicate effectively. This definitely goes for businesses through advertising. So let’s look at why visual storytelling works so well in this first part. “We now […]

Production Houses As a One-Stop Shop

More and more brands are going straight to production houses for the creation of their online video content. Many brands know the power and influence behind well-executed web video advertising. However, more and more of them are going around their agency for their online video needs. When all a brand needs is a short, one-off piece unrelated to […]

The Periodic Table of Storytelling Will Help You

Attention everyone: We have found it. We have found the Holy Grail of online screenwriting/storytelling resources. If you’re a screenwriter and/or a complete glutton for geeking out, like we are, you need to stop what you’re doing immediately and check out Design Through Storytelling’s Periodic Table of Storytelling. Which — is exactly what it sounds like […]

Inside Hoff Production’s – the ups and downs

The film production business can be cruel, here’s a look at Hoff Production and their experiences in todays entertainment market. 2015 Snapshot Hoff will deliver 40 hours to 6 buyers: What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Series for Science Channel Mobsteel: Car series for NBC Sports Network Behind the Screams: Crime/Horror series for Reelz Animals Gone Wild: Clip series for Nat […]

A sneak peak into the current film industry.

1. There is no such thing as independent film The film industry is all run by the conglomerates and studios who hatch small boutique companies to trade on the name ‘independent’. These production companies are run by the same moguls as their bigger budget Hollywood counterparts. In this corporate realm, moguls offer actors scale work […]

What do brands actually stand for.

The first order of business working on a project is to write down the truest thing you can say about your product or brand. You need to find the central truth about your brand and about the whole category – the central human truth. It’s unlikely the truest thing will be mentioned on the client […]

The Times are a-Changin’… and have been for a while.

Read on to hear the thoughts of renowned marketing genius, Luke Sullivan, on how creatives are moving away from the AD agency and into the clients and production company’s offices. In the hangar-like building, recruiters from 151 blue-chip corporations awaited the students’ arrival, in booths set up to attract the next generation of copywriters, art directors, animators, […]

Super Bowl 2016: It’s Not About The Game

Every year on the first Sunday of February America stays home for the biggest event in sports: the Super Bowl. It’s almost like a National Holiday. This year was no difference. And whether you were rooting for the Denver Broncos or the Carolina Panthers, most people watch the Super Bowl for on thing only: the commercials. […]