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8 Advertising Predictions for 2016, Only One of Which Will Likely Happen

1 Content-Schmontent. Yes, the smart brands will continue to produce content that is helpful, beautiful, engaging, and useful. But content can be clutter just like ads and just posting cool content on the site-of-the-month probably isn’t going to be enough to break through. Brands probably ought to reallocate some of their massive digital budgets to plain ol’ […]

Your Film Production Checklist

We hope this inspires you rather than scares you.  In the following film production checklist, we broke the filmmaking process down into 65 steps. We hope this will make your life a little easier. Kickstart your film production. Here we go. . . 1. Before you get started, make sure you read and study everything […]

Wastewatchers Asked Our Help

Help a friend in need, especially during the holidays, they say. Therefore last week we helped Dutch YouTuber Thomas Luthikhold from Wastewatchers produce one of his famous Wasteless Wednesday tips. The tip was featured on Dutch cooking channel 24 Kitchen! Watch his tip on regrowing vegetables here and save a penny. And follow his channel on YouTube if […]

Canada Goose Keeps You Warm

Christmas is over and winter is slowly arriving in Europe, so it seems. Time to get cozy around the fireplace and keep the cold outside. But if you do have to go out, Canada Goos is there to keep you warm. Watch their chilling new short film, while sipping a hot cocoa. And if you happen […]